At-home recipes for washing swimsuits

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How to wash a swimsuit?

Swimsuits are different from regular clothes. Unique materials such as spandex, also called lycra or elastane, are used in the fabric. Typically, 40% polyester is mixed with 60% spandex to manufacture the fabric for swimsuits. Because the spandex and the polyester are synthetic materials, they are susceptible to regular detergents. Regular detergents can damage your favorite bikini in several washes, leaving it unusable. Since the bikini season is around the corner, we are here with expert advice on cleaning your favorite bathing suit with home recipes.

Rinse in cold water

To make the wash easier, rinse the bathing suit multiple times in plenty of cold running water and gently squeeze after each rinse. This will help to remove chlorine, salt, and other deposits, such as sand particles.

Use hand soap

Since hand soaps are mild, they are perfect for washing bathing suits made with synthetic materials. Dissolve a small quantity of hand soap in a bowl of cold water and soak the swimsuit. Leave it for quick 10 minutes, and then hand wash it by gently squeezing and rubbing it inside the water. Please do not use excessive hand soap because it will become hard to remove at the end of the wash by hand. In the end, rinse in plenty of cold running water to remove the soap.

Use baking soda

Fill a bowl or sink with cold water and dissolve a quarter cup of baking soda. Let the baking soda dissolve and soak the bathing swimsuit in the water. Leave it for a couple of minutes, then squeeze and rub it gently while submerged. In the end, rinse with running water.

Use white vinegar

Vinegar has an antibacterial effect, and it is also beneficial to remove foul odors. After hand washing your swimsuit, you can use white vinegar to sanitize your bathing suit if you feel like there is a foul odor or potentially bacteria still on your swimsuit. To do that, add a cupful of white vinegar to a bowl of cold water, soak the swimsuit for a few minutes, and rinse in running water.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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