Bringing Sexy Back in 2020 – The High Waist

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This year will bring the resurgence of the sexy high waist swimsuit.

Are you a thong kind of woman, bikini girl, or whole piece femme fatal? Well, for 2019 the swimsuit is your oyster! This year will bring the resurgence of the sexy high waist swimsuit. A classic style made famous with names like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayward, with designs for the modern woman.

Finding Your Fit

High cut hip line one piece swimsuits

For some of us, our curves make a high waist an obvious choice but your options don’t stop there. Things to consider would be:

  • High cut hip line or low classic
  • Barely there side panels
  • Brazilian back or standard
  • Beach fashion or active wear

Finding Your Style

Pale yellow high waist swimsuits

The fashion experts are predicting pale yellows and lavenders as the season’s hot colors for 2019 so don’t be surprised if they hit the beach too. Even if these pastels are not your ideal color, a hint of these trends in the mix will not detract from your beach body.

Now that you have chosen your high waist, you are only halfway there! When you are making your fashion choices, keep in mind that in today’s industry, tops and bottoms can be sold separately to give you room to create your own style. Things to consider are:

  • Strapless
  • Halter
  • String tie 
  • Standard clip

Just to name a few, this gives you space to adapt to your body type and also gives you the option to choose different colors to complete your perfect look.


With all the choices available in today‚Äôs market, you are free to be fabulous no matter what your size, shape, or eclectic design choices. Accentuate your positive features and give a little modesty to where you are not completely pleased. Let’s face it we all have those! By choosing the best colors and cuts, you can feel like the model woman you are while you strut down the beach or lounge pull side this swim season.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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