Choosing Your Perfect Swimsuit for 2020: 40 and Got It Going On!

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Choosing Your Perfect 40 Plus Swimsuit for 2019

Not all of us can still rock the same 20-year-old swimsuit body at 40, with some exceptions. Being a woman with more life experience, that gives us the intelligence to make better choices than we did back then too. If you don’t still look like you did at 20, there a few things to consider when buying your swim fashion for the upcoming season.

  • The fit
  • Your personality
  • Function
  • Cost
  • Color and design

Freedom at Forty

Freedom at Forty

Being a little older and wiser we know ourselves a little better. We know what we like and don’t. We have been shopping long enough to know what looks good on us, and we have a pretty good idea of what our budget intentions are. This being said, we can also be boring or get stuck in the “Older Woman’s Syndrome,” of not caring what we look like in a bathing suit anymore. Wake up, ladies! There is still plenty of life left to live and you should be looking great just for you. Statistics prove when you look better you feel better.

While you may not want that tiny weenie bikini anymore, you can still be elegant, tasteful, and sexy. Just like in your youth you still need to accentuate your best assets and minimize what you perceive as flaws for your own comfort and confidence.

Step Out of the Box

“No matter what box you put yourself in, there is always more on the outside.” (…Unknown Author) The same could be said for choosing your swim suit at 40.

I heard someone on the radio say, “No matter what box you put yourself in, there is always more on the outside.” (…Unknown Author) The same could be said for choosing your swimsuit at 40. No better time is there to step out of that box than when choosing your beachwear. Add a splash of a color that you normally wouldn’t. Dabble in a print you wouldn’t wear to the office. Go way out of your norm if you would like but you can still do that and look beautiful with the styles for the more mature woman with fashion sense.

In conclusion, we all know getting older isn’t a lot of fun but that doesn’t mean we can’t be. The suggestion would be to take a look at what styles are out there before shopping so you are not just grabbing off that rack to get by on. Make an intentional choice like you would other purchases and dress your best this summer!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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