Conservative Classic and Contemporary Cover Ups for 2020

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Conservative Classic and Contemporary Coverup

Just about any oversize shirt can be used as a cover-up for the conservative. but why hide the fabulous swimwear you spent so much time choosing with an old shirt when you can accentuate your style with a classic or sassy bathing suit cover-up while maintaining a little modesty.

Follow How You Feel

Long cover-up with the crisscross neck

There are as many cover-up options on the market as there are swimsuits themselves. The cover-up you choose can change with the mood you are in for the day while wearing the same swimsuit. A long cover up with the crisscross neck, gives you the Athena feel of Roman goddesses. A short little spaghetti strap sun-dress style cover can reflect a calm spring feel. Not to be forgotten for the slightly less conservative is the mesh cover that shows your curves without putting too much out there.

In addition to these great little numbers is the numerous patterns and styles from the contemporary bohemian, lotus flower, pastels, and prints. For a multi-color suit, pick one of your favorite colors in the pattern and match with a solid cover-up to accent your bathing suit choice. Add a color change in sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and you have completely changed your look for the day with how you feel.

Night Time Beach looks

Night time beach looks – Conservative coverup swimsuits

Cover-ups are not just for fun in the sun but warm nights in the cabana. There is nothing more appropriate for the conservative look when a dip in the pool, sand, and surf are a possibility. More formal bathing suit cover-ups are an option, reminiscent of evening attire with the short black cocktail cover, sassy red 70’s revivals, or contemporary side slits that you can match with those great, dressy flip flops. Put a flower in your hair, and you are ready for a casual dinner, dancing, or pool party without ever changing your wardrobe.

The most that can be said about the cover-up is that they have come a long way and all you have to do is think outside the box a bit to keep your conservative nature and look great. Now time to shop!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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