Full Size and Fabulous: Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

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Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

In these modern days, there is a whole new market for body types so women of all shapes and sizes can get the perfect look they want without the inhibits of average size options off the rack. Even now, the average size off the rack is a wider variety than it used to be with the acceptance that we are not all Robbie, Moss, or Jolie. Forget the social media “fat-shaming,” and be your most amazing you! Plus size is not different than anyone who is looking for a great swimsuit. We all have to find styles and colors that fit our build and skin color. Let’s look at these things to consider when choosing your most fantastic look for the season.

Body shapes

The right accents, ruffles, skirts, and tapers can accentuate your best assets and minimize the flaws you want to bring less attention to.

No matter what your size we all have body types that we need to consider when choosing our most flattering look. Some of us are “apple.” shape, “pear,” shape, and even “triangle,” shape and that is in addition to those of us in-between or even those with high or low waist fits which apply to jeans and shorts.

When looking for your new look for 2020, consider your body types. The right accents, ruffles, skirts, and tapers can accentuate your best assets and minimize the flaws you want to bring less attention to.


Winter, spring, summer, or fall, are not just seasons. They help you identify your best color options based on your skin tones. For some of us, it is the wonderful pale pastels. For others, dark, bold, blues and greens, and still others, the perfect colors are dramatic reds, browns, and oranges. If you have ever had anyone tell you that a specific shirt or color looked good on you? That is a good place to start when looking for your next swimsuit.

For example, lets us say that you like a classic and modest black, orange is not a good color for you. However, add an orange accent to your comfortable classic black and you are runway fantastic in no time. Or another would be that you have decided on a daring red but do not want to draw attention to your midsection. Adding a darker sash or ruffle around your midsection gives you the illusion of a smaller waist while making a statement with your sexy red.

 In conclusion, most of us usually have a good idea of what styles we are comfortable in and we might consider stepping out of the box a little for the new season to be sexy or daring, but that does not mean we have to be uncomfortable or make bad color choices. Look into your options and find you’re new you!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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