How to Clean a Bathing Suit? The DOs and the DON’Ts

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The beach season around the corner. So here we are with the expert advice on cleaning your swimwear so that you can get the most wear and performance of your favorite swimsuit this season and years to come.

Before we jump into the dos and don’ts, here is an advice upfront for your health and safety. Make sure you wash your new swimsuit before you wear it for the first time. You never know who has touched it and who has tried it before you bought it. It is also important to know that your swimsuit must be washed after every time you wear it. It does not matter if you entered the water or not, you must wash it after every use.

The DOs and the DON’Ts

  • Don’t wash your swimsuits with regular clothes by throwing them into the washing machine. Wash your bathing suit separately by hand
  • Do not use the regular detergent, because regular detergents can damage the spandex used in manufacturing the fabric of your swimsuit.
  • Try not to leave your swimsuit overnight soaking, because it will drastically reduce the usability of your swimwear
  • Don’t dry it in direct sunlight, because sun rays can weaken the fine fibers of the bathing suit
  • Don’t hang it on metal rods, because the metal rod may have rust and your swimsuit can catch a rust stain from it
  • Use the specific laundress sports detergent which is good for protecting the fabric of your bathing suit.
  • White vinegar diluted in freshwater can also be used in place of detergent. Vinegar is a very good deodorizing and antibacterial agent
  • To dry your swimsuit, wrap it in a dry towel and gently press it.
  • If you are away from your home and you can’t immediately wash it with detergent or vinegar, rinse your swimsuit in fresh cold water a few times and wrap in a towel.

It is hard to find a swimsuit that fits well. It is worth taking care of the swimsuit that you love. By taking good care of your swimsuit, you can enjoy it for many seasons. 🙂

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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