You may have gone through a bundle of swimsuit buying guides, but the fact is that every woman has a unique body. Categorizing body types in a few categories does not always help in finding the best bathing suit. That is why it is hard to find the best bathing suit for your body. It is difficult to find a swimsuit that fits your body well, hides the imperfections of your body shape, and reveal your beautiful curve.

The rule of thumb for buying the swimwear is to buy online. There are a lot of benefits to looking for your next best bathing suit online.

Leading brands and stores at your figure tips

Looking for bathing suits online is easy. You can go through many stores and brands in minutes and can get an idea of current trends in bathing suits. It also gives you leverage to compare different swimsuits in no time.

Search by Body shape

A common searching feature on the websites of most bathing suit brands let you search by body shapes. You can easily narrow down the listed bathing suits according to your body shape.

Swimsuits by body shape

Apple Body Shape: Typical features of the apple body shape are a large bust, narrow hip, and a full midsection. Normally, the apple-shaped bodies tend to have slim legs and flat bottoms.

Hourglass Body Shape: Typical features of the hourglass body shape are near equal size bust and hips with a waist narrower than both. The upper body and the legs are mostly proportionate and the shoulders and buttocks are rounded.

Pear Body Shape: With pear shape, your bust and shoulders are narrower than your hips. With this shape, you have a fairly defined waist and probably have slim arms, and your waist slopes out to the hips.

Heart Body Shape: A person with a heart-shaped body will generally have broader shoulders and bust with relatively narrower buttocks. This body type is also referred to as “V” shape body type or inverted triangle body shape.

Athletic Body Shape:

A muscular body that is not particularly curvey is called an athletic body. The measurements of the shoulder and hip are identical and
the waist is relatively narrower than both.