The Industry Standard – Big is the New Norm

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Big is the New Norm

The average woman has spoken loud and clear. Long forgotten is the size nothing that we see in the magazines for the real woman with voluptuous curves that are depicted in the artwork of the 17th century that was the epitome of beauty and somehow lost in the 20th century.

Plus Size is Average Size

Plus Size is Average Size

The stigma behind the tall and big women is no longer the norm and the swimsuit industry is finally paying attention.  The size zero is not only rare but unhealthy. The modeling industry has instituted health and weight requirements because the standard of beauty had gotten so far out of hand and unreachable for the average woman it was making even the models ill with eating disorders, drug habits, etc.

This realization is not only brilliant for the industry as far as their bottom line, but making an impact on our society for what is the norm, beautiful, and what the real woman wants. That is not to say that women don’t want to show some skin but they want the option. We all have an idea of sex appeal and what assets we want to show. Just the idea of what is flab and what is fab has changed and giving the average woman more confidence with the more easily accessible swimwear that is made not only for various sizes but figure types and skin tones.

Put the Black in the Back

Plus size black back swimsuit one piece

Save the black for your little dress and make a bold statement with your swimwear. The emerging plus-size industry is making the same cuts and contours from names such as Versace, Victoria’s, and Lane in the real woman’s size. Fantastic tropical looks, solids, patterns, and prints for you to choose from whether you are looking for the barely-there or the modestly aware.

Spread the word! If your thing is an occasional brunch with the girls, Facebooking, or Tweeting, let your friends know your next beach trip or a poolside day at the hotel on the next business trip can be a fabulous and freeing experience with a swimsuit that fits not only your figure but your personality. An expression of who you are when you are not multitasking.

Though I like it but let’s see what you have in mind!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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