The Swimsuit Industry: Fact or Faux Pas

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Sports Illustrated – The Swimsuit Industry

Sports Illustrated is the epitome of the standard of the yearly trends in swimsuits. The sexiest and most beautiful women in the world compete to be on the cover of the yearly edition to make swimsuit history. Men stand by driveling for the next model, and women stand by to see what stage of their own body shaming should come next, all in the pursuit of the swimsuit industries best and most sought-after look.

Contribution and Culture

Sport Illustrated 1936

Sports Illustrated was first published in 1936 and again in 1949 with a limited audience. It was not until 1954 that it became a time-honored tradition that really had more to do with the beautifully rare women and luck of photographers to get that perfect shot. As time progressed It became less of a matter of unique qualities or brilliant photographers and more of a matter of Photoshop and computer-generated images. However, if we look at this resurgence of the industry, there is no doubting the contributions it has had historically and to the industry.

Industry and Illusion

Sports Illustrated is not to blame for the new resurgence of feminism. If anything, it is at the forefront of giving a woman a voice even if they are opposed to the skimpy, less is more, goddesses of SI. Pushing the envelope and thinking outside of the box is where all industries learn about supply and demand. If it were not for testing the waters and risking failure, no one would have ever heard of Sports Illustrated, Hefner, or Gates. When everyone said they were crazy, they pressed on with their vision and found there was a demand for what they had to offer to some degree. Maybe not in its entirety but what they had to offer as a whole.

In conclusion, the next time you are hating those fantastic, Photoshops of sports illustrated swimsuit models, consider that if it were not for the approval of what they do, you would not know their name even if you have never opened an issue of the magazine.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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