What is a tummy control swimsuit, and how it works?

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Here is how it works:

Are you self-conscious about your stomach? Are you among those women who avoid wearing swimsuits because they feel shy about their bodies? Don’t be hopeless because tummy-control swimsuits can flatten your body and give you a perfectly adorable look. A good quality tummy control swimwear slims the body’s midsection effetely to create a flat stomach illusion. It gently but firmly supports the whole abdomen to eliminate all bulges.

Here is how it works:

Use of special fabric

Because swimwear is often made with Lycra, Spandex, and Polyester fabric, they do not provide adequate shape support. On the other hand, bathing suits containing Miratex are firm yet starchy and comfy to support your figure effectively.

Built-in shape support padding

Shape support padding is another effective way to look flatter in a swimsuit. Because the shape support padding is built-in into the fabric, you feel free, comfortable, and look slim.

Modern Boning Technology

With the advancements recently made in boning technology, the boning material used for tummy control swimwear is more comfortable than ever.

How to buy a tummy control swimsuit?

Knowing the material is essential, but you must also learn about common fitting problems. Because the swimsuits which provide support for hiding imperfections are a little different from regular ones. The unique design, firm fabric, and additional installation may cause discomfort.

Here are the common fit problems you can encounter while wearing a tummy control bathing suit.

  1. Underband fitting problem
  2. Shoulder digging straps
  3. Center front fitting problems
  4. Cup fitting problem
  5. Different sizes on both sides
  6. Uncomfortable underwires

While buying such a bathing suit, you should consider a size that should fit you in the middle hooks. This will allow you to fasten or lose pins if needed. The shoulder digging straps can also be very uncomfortable; they should go in a horizontal line. The center front and cup fitting are also essential factors to keep in mind. The different size problems can be solved with adjustable and removable soft padding bathing suits. If you feel unconformable while wearing underwires, then it may get worse in tummy-control swimwear. Consider buying a swimsuit that has adjustable underwires.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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