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Why Tiny Bikinis Have Such Big Price Tags?

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The most expensive bikini went for thirty million dollars back in 2006. It was made with platinum and diamonds.

While no one would like to buy the world’s most expensive eight-figure bikini suit, people do tend to buy ones that are a bit out of their price range. That’s where people start thinking that why these tiny bikinis are selling that expensive. So here is the why:

It’s a seasonal item. Because, the bikinis do not sell in the winter, the cost is high as compare to garments that sell round the year.

It is hard to find swimwear that really fits. Most women have specific needs. That why for most women, it is the hardest thing to go and buy bikinis. So, the next time, when it fits, that’s worth it.

The bikinis that do not fit any women at a certain time are sent back to the manufactures. The manufactured then send them to another store with a discounted price tag. Some bikinis make a third-round before they are sent abroad on next to zero price.

The bikinis are expensive because you expect more from your bikini unlike your shirt of jeans. You want your swimwear to fit well, make you look falter, hide your imperfections, reveal your perfect parts, and so on. You expect your bikini to keep from falling out from your top.

If you are unable to find a bikini that suits both your body and your wallet, then all you need to do is to wait until that perfect bikini is on its second or third round with a much smaller price tag. This plan always works! At least it works in the bikini and swimwear industry.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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