Young and Fabulous – The Age of Preteen Swimwear Trends for 2020

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Preteen Swimwear Trends for 2019

 In today’s world, the preteen is one of the hardest demographics to please when it comes to swimsuits. They are far more mature and socially aware of Facebook, Twitter, and Reality television than previous generations. They are also just as susceptible to being body-conscious but with a wider variety of swimwear available now for the tween, parents, and kids have a better chance of meeting in the middle on what is style-savvy and age-appropriate.

More is the in Things

Sporty whole piece with zipper front

Introduce your teen to the fabulous new looks for 2020. Show them the awesome new looks that provide a little more coverage than even adult women are wearing. The sporty whole piece with zipper front and three-quarter sleeves is making a big splash with its tropical patterns and variety of colors.

Tankinis are back in the spot light for the new season for the sporty look that is also functional. This gives you the opportunity to remind your preteen that they won’t have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions during their next pool party with friends and they can be comfortable in the new style.

Mesh is Making the grade

Scuba style preteen swimsuits one piece

Predicted to be a winner this summer is mesh. The style is based on the scuba diving wet suit but much cooler and functional. The bottoms are usually in a standard cut or boy shorts, while the tops come in various cuts from a top that looks like a standard triangle bikini top or strapless while mesh cover in short and long sleeve mid-drift provides comfort as well as tremendous fashion appeal. Hook your tween up with a great set of sunglasses, matching bracelets, and earrings and they will have the confidence to sport their summer look.

In conclusion, being a parent is hard enough and we all know kids don’t come with instruction manuals, but it is important to respect them in making their own choices while navigating them in the right direction. A good idea is to look at great looks in magazines or on the internet before you go shopping and show them the great trends that are both fashion and age-appropriate.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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